Monday, August 22, 2005

The Dreaded Reply

Scenario: Open message. Message requires reply. Reply to message. Come back later. Message marked unread. WHAT? I READ IT and REPLIED. Stupid piece of crap....

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Today's ambiguous error:

Collation number specified negative or greater than number of collations in view. Ok. Everyday I get another new bogus error in notes. What in the hell does that mean!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I hate lotus notes

Here is another winner. I was just showing a user how to change their welcome page and I get this error. 'Illegal Circular USE: CSEventNotes'. ok. WTF does that mean???? Boy just by that error I know exactly how to fix this problem. FORMAT C:

I hate lotus notes

Ok so another great day of supporting notes. I do a clean install of notes on a users pc and everytime he tries to send an email it comes up with an empty box saying 'no entries found'. This is one of the misteries of notes that... kind of like atlantis... need to be discovered. This same address book that when you click the 'send anyway' button will find the person and send it correctly. So as a support technician, what is the problem? NOTES! I HATE NOTES BLEH!!! I guaruntee if my 6 year old nephew would install exchange he would send emails to the president of the united states and tell him to abolish notes forever.

I hate lotus notes

I hate lotus notes so much that i decided to start this blog. Every day i realize i hate notes well.... I'll just port my frustration here. Here we go.